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The Sinister Man was a Gestapo agent who was given the task of capturing Marcus Brody Iskenderun in 1938.


The man told Marcus Brody that the Director of the Museum of Antiquities had sent a car for Brody, and joined a Second Man. Sallah warned Brody that there was no museum in Iskenderun, as the Second Man, who overheard, demanded to see some papers. Sallah repeatedly told Marcus to run as he distracted both agents with a newspaper, however Marcus was slow to catch on, only realizing the potential danger seconds before Sallah punched the Second Man and knocked him into a vendor's stand, then knocked the Sinister Man into another stand, before unknowingly getting Marcus captured himself by sending him into a darkened doorway with a curtain which turned out to be the back of a Nazi troop truck.

Behind the scenes[]

The Sinister Man was played by an uncredited Wayne Michaels in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

The Sinister Man had additional scenes in the script, but many of them were cut. They were included however in the comic book adaptation, which expanded the scene with Sallah and Marcus Brody's unsuccessful attempt to outrun the Sinister Man and Second Man. One action involved Sallah slapping a camel and causing it to spit mucus all over the Gestapo agents, while another involved Sallah fighting the agents.