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Scene from Six Steps to Hell.

Six Steps to Hell was a silent black and white Western movie directed by John Ford in 1920. It was written by Alphone Studders and Pete was producer. The movie starred Harry Carey, Kitty Mayfair and Edwin as "Slim".


Before filming, Ford asked Pete for four times the amount of stock he had budgeted, and that they would film all six days instead of one. Ford also asked former lawman Wyatt Earp to be a consultant for the film.

Stuntmen on the picture included Larry, Jerry, Logan and Bob. Flannagan and Carl worked as music assistants during shots while Wyatt Earp helped as a consultant. Indiana Jones worked as an assistant on the film to help pay his way through the University of Chicago.

By the end of filming, all stuntmen were injured, and Edwin had been killed by a snake bite. Indiana Jones filmed the final scene as a stuntman where he could be seen being dragged behind a wagon in the finished picture.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Six Steps to Hell is a fictional film invented for "Young Indiana Jones and the Hollywood Follies". However, John Ford and Harry Carey collaborated together on numerous Westerns around the 1920s.



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