Skull Duggery! is a four-page comic that was published in the United Kingdom as part of the second issue of Indiana Jones and the Lost Treasures magazine. The writer was uncredited.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

In Bolivia, 1940, Indiana Jones arrives in the village of a Guaraní tribe — home to his friend Tuxa — to find out what has become of the Golden Jaguar Flute he's searching for. However, he discovers that the villagers are sick, fending off a virus with the help of a woman known as "Jasy Kuña" and her healing crystal skull which is powered by the offering of jewels.

Jones eventually determines that Kuña is a fraud. She is revealed as botanist Josie Kelland, who is using a glass skull to poison the Guaraní and pocket their riches. The grateful village offers Jones a reward from the collected treasure and the archaeologist finds the flute he was after all along.

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Skull Duggery!
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