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"Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?"
―Indiana Jones[src]

A snake, or serpent, is a legless reptile. Snakes come in many varieties, from small to large, non-venomous and venomous, and can be found on six continents. In many human cultures, snakes, though not domesticated, but often seen as a pest to livestock, were made a part of myths and legends.

Indiana Jones had ophidiophobia, a fear of snakes.

Adventures with snakes[]

"Snakes! I hate snakes, especially big ones!"
―Indiana Jones upon seeing Quetzalcoatl[src]

Indiana Jones suffered from a fear of snakes brought on from when he fell into a crate of them aboard the Dunn and Duffy Circus Train in 1912 while trying to evade Fedora, from whom Indy had taken the Cross of Coronado.[1] Even then, he had espoused a hatred of snakes as far back as 1909,[2] yet the 1912 incident would set his hatred in stone for life.[1]


Indiana Jones in front of a cobra in 1936.

Indy frequently ran across snakes in his adventures.

During late World War I, Indy encountered snakes being used by Indian street thugs in Bombay, India, they where used to slow Jones down as he attempted to prevent the Germans from obtaining the ball-bearing bomb. He also encountered snakes outside Cairo, Egypt being used by hired warriors to slow Jones down as he attempted to prevent the Germans from obtaining the advanced Gatling gun.[3]

In 1935, when entering Emperor Qin Shi Huang's Tomb, Indy saw a statue of a snake and got a fright from it. Mei Ying asked why he was scared as it was just a snake to which Jones simply said that it was a long story.[4]

In 1935, while camping along the way to Pankot Palace, Indy and Willie Scott had a nocturnal encounter with a large python and "Snake Surprise" formed part of the menu at the palace.[5] Later that year, Jones discovered the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, which had a chamber filled with snakes, including one gigantic cobra.[6]

In 1936, after escaping from the Hovitos, Indy had a close encounter with a boa constrictor named Reggie, who shared his seat in Jock Lindsey's plane. Later that year, Jones discovered that the Well of the Souls was filled with dangerous asps, and even a cobra.[7]

Indy the Staff escapes

The Staff of Kings turns into a snake and escapes

In 1939, after recovering the Staff of Moses and destroying the Odin in the Bay of Bengal, Indy and Maggie O'Malley went in for a kiss only for the Staff to turn into a snake and slither away. Jones decided not to go after the staff, believing it will take care of itself.[8]

In the same year, Indy encountered a giant anaconda in Tikal, Guatemala. It was coiled on a tree and was preventing Indy from getting anywhere near the Tikal. He used his whip to scare a Jungle rodent into the path of the snake. When the snake attacked the rodent, the rodent got even more scared and fell down a large ravine. Indy praised Mother Nature for the assist.[9]

In 1947, Indy encountered many snakes throughout his search for the pieces of the Infernal Machine in places such as Utah, Mexico and Sudan. These snakes were poisonous and could kill Indy if he did not use a poison kit but a single shot from his revolver would make quick work of them. He encountered and fought Quetzalcoatl in Teotihuacan, a major god of the Aztecs that took the appearance of a giant snake. The monster was able to fire living, regular-sized snakes from its mouth. Jones retrieved the part and impaled Quetzalcoatl to death through a system of platforms within the pyramid that thrust several spear-like spikes up from the ground into the monster's body. Finally, the creature exploded in a multitude of fireballs. He also found a few small snakes in Peru while he was going after the Jeweled Chachapoyan Idol.[10]

In 1957, a rat snake came to Indy's unlikely aid as Mutt Williams used it as a rope to pull Marion Ravenwood and Indy to safety from a dry sand pit.[11]

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