Snark was a Japanese smuggler and gangster. As captain of the Kamikaze Maru, he smuggled various illegal products across the Sea of Japan.

He was an associate of Mystery and Faye Maskelyne, the latter of whom he actually won in a card game in Taipei and for two weeks spent time teaching the women which officials could be bribed to help their search for Kaspar in exchange for card tricks.

Eventually the pair looked for assistance from the man again in Luchow in 1934 to shelter and transport an injured Indiana Jones who had escaped from a Imperial Army controlled prison. Snark readily agreed, quickly supplying a cover story for Jones, and the group all set sail for Japan.

Ten hours into the trip, the Kamikaze Maru was hit by a torpedo which ignited the illegal fireworks in the hold and sank the ship. Snark took his remaining belongings and, along with Jones, the Maskelynes and his crew, climbed aboard the lifeboat where they were quickly rescued thanks to the light from the fireworks.

The group went their seperate ways as Snark took passage on a steam packet back to the mainland while the crew went on to Japan. Jones and his associates headed for Shanghai.


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