"My warmest Barnett welcome to you all on this auspicious beginning to our fall semester."
Dr. Snedly[src]

Dr. Snedly was chairman of the Natural Sciences department at Barnett College which covered archaeology.

In 1935, Snedly informed Professor Indiana Jones, who was at least performing fieldwork for the college, that the school would not replace another Webley. Jones kept Snedy's comments, written on a materials release form, in his 1935 journal.[1]

For the fall 1937 session, he gave Jones three freshman sections of "Archaeology 101" to teach, but transfered Jones away from the seminar course "Origins of the Incas 201", which he gave to visiting professor Francisca Uribe Del Arco in spite of promising Jones to teach it.[2]

At the Annual Fall Faculty Fling, he formally introduced Uribe to the other faculty. When he tried to introduce Jones to Uribe, Jones pulled him outside and demanded to know why his seminar had been given to Uribe, calling her a "Latin lollipop". Uribe overheard, and gave Jones her academic qualifications, and Snedly guided her back inside, leaving a stunned Jones behind.[2]

Before the fall semester began, Uribe was summoned on a mission to South America to recover the Chimu Taya Arms of Cuzco. Snedly received a request from Jones for a sabbatical to accompany Uribe, and eventually authorized Jones' sabbatical, which left Brody to temporarily teach Jones' courses.[2]



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