Sophia Hapgood possessed an Atlantean necklace in which Nur-Ab-Sal had transferred his spirit. The necklace was one of the artifacts found in the Jastro Expedition, which Sophia kept for herself.

Sophia rarely became separated wth the necklace and she claimed it guided her using Nur-Ab-Sal's spirit. When she was reunited with Indiana Jones, he suspected it had some kind of negative effect on her.

When they reached the inner area of Atlantis, Nur-Ab-Sal's spirit finally took total control over her. However Indy later on got rid of the necklace, freeing Sophia from its control.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The necklace differs significantly between the comic book appearance and the video game appearance.

  • In the comic it is an indifferent necklace composed of beads. In a singular close-up it seems the beads are decorated, sometimes with humanoid faces.
  • In the game, the necklace is a geometrical cat-like alien face with an open mouth. The mouth can receive Orichalcum, transforming the necklace into a much more sinister form that glows hot, forcing Sophia to take it off from her chest. The later form's usage was never explained.

Its game role is more sinister than in the comic, since it is revealed that Nur-Ab-Sal wanted to take control of Atlantis again, by using Sophia as a physical host for him.

The game also implies that after finding Nur-Ab-Sal's necklace, Sophia had been possesed by Nur-Ab-Sal's spirit. This drives her on being obsessed on Atlantis, using what ever means for the Spirit to return back to Atlantis, such as keeping Atlantean artifacts for 'herself'. It is also perhaps one of the reasons that caused her relationship with Indy to go sour back then.

In the comic, the necklace ended with Hans Ubermann who forced it out of Sophia to bring her mind back. He then wears it during his attempt to use the God machine; Indy suggests that it is Nur-Ab-Sal who causes Ubermann to perish and then Atlantis to collapse. In the game, it was Indy who threw it in a lava pit, forcing Nur-Ab-Sal's spirit to leave from it.

In the game, the Player can choose to leave Sophia while she still has the necklace, not freeing her. She (as Nur-Ab-Sal) later on replaced Ubermann in the God Machine, leaving Indy all alone aboard the U-boat in the ending, with no one to ease the pain of not being able to convince the world that Atlantis exists.

While the game does not allow for the Player to see Sophia's chest without the necklace. It is possible to see an image of it using a Hex Editor.[1]

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