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"There is no one like her in the whole world."
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Sophie von Hohenberg was the daughter of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Sophie Chotek. She was Indiana Jones' first love interest.


Indiana Jones met Sophie von Hohenberg in 1908, during a riding lesson in Vienna[1] when the princess' riding hat fell onto the ground. Jones bent from his horse to retrieve and return it to her. Later, the two were introduced to one another and went for a walk. Jones insisted that they should go to skate, before their governesses, Miss Seymour and Emilie, missed them. However, it took them too long and Emilie, with Seymour and policemen, came shouting to take her. This event led the Archduke to send a complaint letter to Richard Kerens.

Indy eventually realized that he was in love with Sophie and tried to meet her at the palace. Knowing that he was forced to depart due to his father's lecture tour, he managed to acquire money and bought a snowglobe for her. He sneaked into the palace and the two exchanged gifts in her bedroom. She gave him a locket with her picture inside. Indy promised that he would write letters to her even if they wouldn't get through, though he wouldn't know if she ever received any of them. The two exchanged a very light kiss and hug, then Indy snuck out.[2]

Afterwards, he wore the locket everywhere he went — which saved his life during World War I when it stopped a bullet aimed at his chest[3] — until at least 1920.

Later in life, in a conversation with the psychiatrist Carol Schultz, Jones discussed his relationship with Sophie and his letters. Although he never received any from her, he informed Schultz that he did encounter Sophie again at one point.

Behind the scenes[]

Sophie's locket as seen in 1916.

Princess Sophie von Hohenberg was played by Amalie Alstrup in the episode "Vienna, November 1908" of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. She was around thirteen years old at the time she played the seven year old Sophie. As with the spy Mata Hari, Sophie is an actual historical figure with whom Indiana Jones became romantically involved.

In the episode "German East Africa, December 1916", Indy takes a look at the photo of a young lady in his locket. The face of the girl is clearly not that of Amalie Alstrup but an actual picture of Princess Sophie von Hohenberg.[4] The possible explanation for this, is the fact that the 1916 episode was aired before the 1908 episode, and possibly before Alstrup was cast in the role.



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