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The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles 2: South of the Border is the second of Bantam Books' Choose Your Own Adventure series based on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Written by Richard Brightfield with illustrations by Frank Bolle, and published in 1992, the gamebook adapts the "Mexico, March 1916" segment of Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal.

Publisher's summary[]

A train hijacked by Mexican revolutionaries...
A vast desert surrounded by enemies...
A crash landing of a military biplane...
A desperate attack against a well-armed fortress...and
A lesson in the corruption of power...

These are only some of the adventures you will have as young Indiana Jones.

The year is 1916, and you are on spring break, traveling with your cousin Frank. On the U.S.-Mexico border, you become involved in the Mexican Revolution. you also get to meet many famous figures in history, including Pancho Villa, General Pershing, and George S. Patton.

Will you survive the firing squad? Or will you become a key participant in the Mexican Revolution? Only you, as Indiana Jones, can choose your own adventure.