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The Spider is a type of arachnid. With over 50,000 species recorded, spiders are found worldwide on every continent except Antarctica, and have become established in almost every land habitat. Arachnophobia is a fear of spiders.

Indiana Jones had many encounters with spiders over the course of his adventures.

Adventures with spiders[]

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It contains information cut from the final release of an Indiana Jones medium, or otherwise unpublished. Everything said in this section and not elsewhere did not happen in the "proper" Indiana Jones continuity.

In 1935, Indiana Jones encountered Cave Spiders while searching for the Emperor's Tomb.[1]

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In 1936, Indy and Satipo entered the Temple of the Chachapoyan Warriors in Peru. In one of the entry chambers, a large swarm of tarantulas began to crawl on the two men, and Satipo got Indy's attention about the spiders. Using his bullwhip, Indy brushed off a few that were crawling on his own back, then brushed off the multitude that that were crawling over his guide.[2]

Later that year, Indy sought to enter the Hopi cave in Arizona, which was being used as a criminal hideout by Busby Giles. Seeing two thugs guarding the mountaintop smoke hole, Indy gathered a bag full of tarantulas and threw it at the two men. Pulling on a rope, Indy opened the bag, and the hairy spiders fell out, and landed on the guards. Distracted by the tarantulas, Mel and his partner were no match for Indy, who knocked them out, and crawled down the smoke hole.[3]

Spider SoK

In 1939, Indy found the Nubian Bust behind a large spider web in Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. Right after this, he encountered a large swarm of spiders on a bridge leading to a Temple. He used his torch to burn the and swat them of his body but the bridge caught fire and began to collapse. Indy was able to jump to safety however he lost his torch. He also encountered more swarms of spiders in the Temple of the Cosmos in Panama and underneath Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey. Similarly to Sudan, Indy used torches and fire to create paths through the spiders.[4]

In 1947, while searching for the Infernal Machine, Indy encountered venomous spiders in Babylon, The Philippines, Mexico and Sudan. The creatures could have killed Indy without access to a poison kit but a single shot from his revolver was enough to deal with them. He also ran afoul of in Peru while he was going after the Jeweled Chachapoyan Idol.[5]

In 1957, while exploring Chauchilla Cemetery in Peru, Indy and Mutt Williams encountered some spider silk which Indy surmised was spun by the Peruvian giant knee-stripe, a type of giant tarantula. Later, as Indy pulled on a skull, a tarantula ran across his hand, not affecting Indy, but frightening Mutt.[6]

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Behind the scenes[]

The "Word of God" trial in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was developed with spiders in mind as the cost of stepping on the wrong. However, the effect was replaced with the chasm of the of final feature.

Cave Spider concept art ET

Cave Spider concept art.

Cave Spiders were considered for Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb but were cut during development. Nevertheless, concept art for them was included in the game's gallery.



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