The Spirit of the Lamp was a malignant entity trapped within Aladdin's Lamp.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The Spirit of the Lamp had the appearance of a two-meter tall, dark-skinned man with dark, piercing eyes, claws, and hair tied back into a single braid. It was dressed in just a leather vest and red silk pants. Arabian mystics used magics ascribed to Solomon to ensorcel and trap the entity within an unassuming small, brass oil lamp said to have been discovered by a boy named Aladdin.

The spirit had no concept of how much time passed within the lamp but longed to be released from its confines which occured if someone rubbed the lamp. On such occasions, it took the spirit one minute for it to regain corporeal form, during which it reveled in its freedom. While it could simpy be returned to the lamp if commanded to do so in Solomon's name, the spirit would do what it could to gain control of the lamp, physically if need be. If it was successful, the spirit would leap into the air with the artifact and disappear in a crimson light.

In the centuries after Aladdin, the spirit became mistakenly known in stories as a wish-granting djinni. The research of an unknown archaeologist in the early 1930s led the person to believe that Aladdin's Lamp was located in the ruins of a palace at an oasis south of Casablanca. The Nazis were interested in acquiring the lamp's powers for Adolf Hitler, while Arab mystics were interested in learning the abilities Solomon used to bind the spirit in the first place. Certain Arab nationalists would also have been using the lamp's power to gain independence from France had they learned of its existence.

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