"It could find water, bring plagues, smite your enemy."
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The Staff of Aaron or Rod of Aaron was a biblical artifact considered to be the original magician's wand.

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Belonging to Aaron, brother of Moses, the Staff was a shaft of almond inscribed with Aaron's name in Hebrew. In the biblical account of Exodus, it summoned plagues to Egypt and prevented the Israelites from losing in battle. In addition to these powers, the Staff was said to be the ultimate divining rod, with the ability to find literally anything. Faye Maskelyne also claimed that it was the staff that parted the Red Sea

By the time Aaron died, the final location of the Staff was lost, although it was believed to have been stolen from Solomon's Temple around the same time as the Ark of the Covenant.

Eventually it found its way to Iraq where the Staff fell into the hands of the Yezidi and over time became worn.

Indiana Jones and Faye and Mystery Maskelyne hunted down the Staff while in search of the Omega Book, an artifact that only the Staff could find. Mystery stole it from the Yezidi and while in the possession of Faye Maskelyne, a magician, the Staff returned to its original state and led the group to the Omega Book in Egypt.

The Staff's power was used again when Jones and the Maskelynes were attacked by soldiers of the Japanese Imperial Army. Although it was instrumental in defeating their antagonists, Faye decided to throw the Staff away.

The Staff buried itself by the Nile and an almond tree later grew from its location.

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