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This article is about the professor. You may be looking for Mack Stanton, the treasure hunter..

Professor Stanton was one of Indiana Jones' colleagues at Barnett College.

Stanton and another colleague, Dr. Mulbray, approached Jones shortly after his return from the Portuguese coast in 1938 and asked him to authenticate a fertility idol. Jones proved it was a fake by breaking it in half and showing Stanton and Mulbray the cross-sections.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Actor Jerry Harte played Stanton in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Although Stanton and Mulbray's roles in the film were reduced to a fleeting appearance, their interaction with Indiana Jones was retained in the novelization though their characters were not identified by name.

A character named Stanton was written into the script of Raiders of the Lost Ark but was dropped during rewrites. In that version, Stanton was an American intelligence agent, Indiana Jones' contact in Cairo based out of "Americo Import-Export Inc." When they first arrive in Egypt, Jones and Marion Ravenwood meet with Stanton in secret to cover the archaeologist's debt to Marion. However, the pair are already under observation by the Monkey Man and his accomplice. That night, Jones heads to the pre-arranged rendezvous with the agent at the Tavern of the Crocodiles to collect the money but Stanton is nowhere to be seen and Jones is instead reunited with his rival Victor Lovar, an earlier name for Belloq. After the encounter, Jones exits down a dark alley and Stanton emerges from the shadows only to drop to the ground dead with three Arabian daggers in his back, similar to the fate that would befall Barranca from the Hovitos darts in the finished film.


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