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A gold Statue of Shiva was once owned by Rajid and his wife. It was about two feet tall, and depicted Nataraja, Shiva as the Cosmic Dancer.

In the late summer of 1937, Rajid's wife decided to sell the statue to the National Museum in order to secretly pay off her husband's gambling debts. She met with Indiana Jones at her house in New Delhi to finalize the deal. After tea where Jones gave her a check from the Museum and she passed over the statue, Rajid came home, and believed that his wife and Jones were lovers. Under fire from Rajid, Jones grabbed the statue and hid, slipping it into his bag. When Rajid pulled out a second gun, Jones jumped out the window with the bag and fled to the docks.

Just as the fall semester began at Barnett College, Marcus Brody was discussing finalizing the papers for the statue when a secretary from Snedly delivered news that Jones' sabbatical to seek the Chimu Taya Arms was authorized.



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