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"Good to see you again, Dr. Jones."

A steward was employed by Pan American Airways around 1936. He knew American archaeologist Indiana Jones by name, having worked on several of his flights including one from San Francisco, United States of America to Patan, Nepal that year.


At some point, a man was employed as a steward by Pan American Airways. He had worked enough of Indiana Jones' flights prior to the American archaeologist's 1936 flight from San Francisco, USA to the Himalayas to recognize Jones as he flew with the company once again.[1]

Steward offering drinks

Indiana Jones refusing a drink from the steward.

That year, Indiana Jones needed to visit Marion Ravenwood at her bar in Patan, Nepal. The steward was placed in charge of his flight from San Francisco aboard a Pan Am Clipper and welcomed him. Once Jones was safely on board, the steward offered him a drink but the archaeologist refused and the man went on, failing to notice that a Nazi spy was making the same trip.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The role of the steward was provided by an uncredited performer, despite having a small speaking role in Raiders of the Lost Ark.


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