Stockholm is the largest city and capital of Sweden. Located on the east coast of Sweden on the Baltic Sea, and partially on a cluster of islands, Stockholm was settled in the Middle Ages, and soon grew became the de facto political and economic center of Sweden since the 13th century. As part of the Hanseatic League, it grew into a major trading port, with sizable German and Finnish populations. It became the official capital of Sweden in 1634, and grew to dominate the Swedish economy with trading monopolies, when Sweden was at the peak of its power in the world. By 1900, the city had become industrialized.

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Indiana Jones visited Stockholm several times on his adventures.

Jones visited Stockholm with his parents in December 1909, and attended the Nobel Prize Ceremony honoring the author Selma Lagerlöf.[1]

In 1916, Indy told Vicky Prentiss — in Swedish — that Stockholm was one of his favorite cities[2].

In 1930, when Jones and Marcus Brody left Uppsala after obtaining the Uppsala Scroll, they left Sweden via Stockholm.[3]

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