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Stonehenge is a millennia-old monument located on the Salisbury Plain in the southwest of England connected to Druidic traditions. The standing stones are a popular tourist site and are one of the Places of Power.

It was also an interdimensional doorway that was capable of contacting unimaginable powerful entities that came before the dinosaurs.[1]

Indiana Jones visited the area several times throughout his career.


In 1913, Indiana Jones and his friend Herman Mueller thwarted the plans of Count Albrecht Von Pappendorf, a German spy who was using the stones to augment the powers of his magician ancestry.[2]

Twelve years later, Jones and his future bride Deirdre Campbell were at the site while unravelling the legend of Merlin[3], and defeated Adrian Powell, a British minister of parliament intent on world domination.[4] The archaeologist would also work at Stonehenge with Gale Parker.[5]

A crystal cylinder uncovered during an electrical storm in 1936 brought the attention of the Nazis to the stone circle and in Jones' attempts to foil Hauptmann Emil Loeb led to the revelation that Stonehenge was a doorway used by Netherworld beings who had fled the planet in times that pre-dated man. However, the portal was closed when Jones was forced to destroy the crystal key.[6]

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