A Sunstone was a stone disc of Atlantean technology featuring four solar symbols: rising sun, noon sun, setting sun and 'darkness'. It was used as part of combination mechanism for several Atlantean outposts. For the Greater Colony or the entrance of Atlantis, other stones were required.

Sophia Hapgood had one such stone although could not remember if she bought it from Alain Trottier or Omar Al-Jabbar, until Klaus Kerner robbed her office. On his search for Atlantis, Indiana Jones found and used another.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Sunstone appears in the video game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and the place it is found differs between the plot branches.

  • In the "Team" path, a Sunstone must be acquired from Alain Trottier. It is shown to Al-Jabbar to convince him to help Indy and Sophia; later it is used to open a secret door in the Atlas Mountains dig site to free Sophia.
  • In the "Fists" path, the Sunstone is found in the dig site, and then is used to open the secret door and causes Rolf to approach Indy.
  • In the "Wits" path, a Sunstone is found in a random location in Monte Carlo, dropped by Trottier so that the Nazis don't take it from him. The Sunstone is used in Thera.