Susan Bigelow as Old Indy's Daughter

Susan Bigelow (born April 11, 1952) is an actress who played Old Indy's daughter in the bookend segments for "Chicago, May 1920" (edited into Young Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues with different bookends) and "Ireland, April 1916" (later edited into Love's Sweet Song without bookends).

Beyond The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Bigelow's most prominent onscreen work was a regular role in Family Album USA, an educational series designed for teaching the English language to new speakers. Her other television appearances include the TV movies Wild and Wooly and The Rock Rainbow as well as guest roles on Law & Order (with Karen Allen) and Law & Order: Criminal Intent, while her only feature film credit is the 2002 title Face.

Bigelow has also appeared in numerous Broadway and Off-Broadway productions, beginning with the musical Working in 1978.

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