Captain Suzuki was the loyal second-in-command of Yamada Hajime's Japanese forces on Zile Muri-yo in 1943. From Tokyo, he had a wife, parents, grandmother, and three siblings. As captain, he led the squad of Japanese soldiers assigned to Yamada's mission, and was adept at using the sword.

After Yamada and Edwin Gruber joined forces to try to catch Indiana Jones and George McHale, and survive against the zombis, Suzuki was approached by Gruber, who in Japanese, attempted to buy Suzuki's loyalty. Suzuki later reported the bribe attempt to Yamada, who agreed that Suzuki should play along with Gruber, not knowing that Gruber had predicted their actions.

When the German-Japanese group of five had an opportunity to spy on Jones and McHale hiding something in a log, they waited until their quarry had left, but then a zombi limped out of the forest and attacked Suzuki. The soldier pulled his sword, but it was too late, as the zombi bit into his throat. After Yamada killed the zombi with his own sword, Suzuki lay mortally wounded, and his commander ended his life.

When Boukman forced Jones and McHale to reveal the hiding place of the Heart of Darkness, they returned to the log, and found it empty, but some zombis found the bodies of Suzuki and his attacker, and Boukman determined that Gruber and Yamada now had the treasure.


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