"There were a few of them on my plane from the Swedish National Museum in Sigtuna. Seems they'd heard of Belloq's plans as well. Anyway, nice chaps. Looked very much like Vikings, actually, all manner of tattoos and those adorable accents. So, I sent it back with them."
―Theresa Lawrence[src]

The Swedish National Museum is the national art gallery of Sweden. Located in Stockholm, it is home to drawings, sculptures, paintings and porcelain items which were started in royal collections from the 1600s. Founded in 1792 as a public museum, the current building was fashioned after Florentine and Venetian architecture and opened in 1866.

In 1930, Theresa Lawrence, an archaeologist for the British Museum, had teamed up with Indiana Jones to recover the Uppsala Scroll from Rene Belloq in Marrakesh. After Jones handed off the scroll to her in the marketplace, Lawrence boarded a plane to London. On the plane, she met several tattooed Swedes who claimed to be from the Swedish National Museum in Sigtuna, and Lawrence gave the scroll to them. When Jones caught up with her again in London, she recalled this to him, and Jones realized that the scroll was gone - since the Swedish National Museum was in Stockholm, not Sigtuna.[1]

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