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"My friends, we demand full adult suffrage, no more and certainly no less! Deeds, not words!"
―Sylvia Pankhurst[src]

Sylvia Pankhurst was a prominent leader in the British women's suffrage movement in the early 20th century.


As a leader of the East London Suffragettes, Sylvia Pankhurst helped oversee many aspects of the suffrage movement in London, including the publication of the Dreadnought, of which Vicky Prentiss was a contributing writer.

In May 1916, she was the principal speaker at a meeting of the National Union of Women's Suffragette Societies, on the topic of continuing the cause during the war, and working against war profiteers. As a seasoned speaker with energy and courage, she was used to the heckles of people like the rough man, and quickly shut him down. After Pankhurst concluded, the Chairwoman introduced the next speaker, Maisie Kemp, whose speech was interrupted by the rough man and his friends, until they were silenced by a pithy remark by a man in the audience.

In the tea room after the meeting, Pankhurst found Prentiss with the young man, and after being introduced, thanked Jones for striking a blow for freedom with his words, and reminded Prentiss that she had an article due the following week.

Several days later, Pankhurst was at the office of the East London Suffragette Federation, and reviewed Prentiss' article. She thought it was good, but needed a catchier title. At this point, Jones arrived and suggested Pankhurst's own quotation, "Deeds, not words" as the title.

Behind the scenes[]

The role of Sylvia Pankhurst was played by Kika Markham.



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