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Tabora is main city of the Tabora region in the western center of modern-day Tanzania. During World War I, when Tanzania was part of German East Africa, it was a major administrative center for the Germans, and thus a target for British and Belgian forces.

In late 1916, Belgian general Tombeur was to lead the attack on Tabora, but needed a Belgian shipment of heavy weapons that was scheduled to arrive at Chinde but had gotten stranded in West Africa. In December, Colonel Mathieu ordered Major Boucher and Captain Henri Defense (Indiana Jones) to lead an expedition from German East Africa across the Congo to Cape Lopez to retrieve the weapons.

In January 1917, when Captain Rostand came to arrest the Schweitzers at Lambarene, he informed Defense that Tabora had recently fallen, and that his much needed weapons weren't apparently needed. This caused Jones to question the whole mission and loss of life.

Behind the scenes[]

In the world of Indiana Jones, Tabora was taken by General Tombeur in January 1917. However, in reality, General Tombeur took Tabora in September 19, 1916, months before Indy's expedition was even launched.


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