Taklit was the second of the four Disciples of Marduk.


After the Infernal Machine was dismantled, Taklit took one of the parts with him to Palawan in the Philippines. Taklit was evidently not in solitude on the island as a seemingly now-extinct tribe of workers and builders helped him construct an enormous temple inside Palawan Volcano itself. Taklit created some brutish rock creatures to guard various areas of his temple. To protect his machine part, Taklit created a giant monster made entirely of lava and placed it in an underground chamber on the side of the volcano. Taklit died of unknown causes and was apparently admired by the native islanders as he was respectfully buried in a coffin and placed on a decorative funeral barge, in a water-filled chamber, in the upper areas of the volcanic temple where his corpse was uncovered by Indiana Jones in 1947.

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