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Tales of Innocence is the sixteenth film in The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. It is edited together from The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles episode "Northern Italy, June 1918" and from "Morocco, 1917", scripted and shot for home video after the television series' cancellation.

Publisher's summary[]

VHS release[]

In Chapter 16 in the complete adventures of Indiana Jones, Indy witnesses a myriad of romantic misadventures when he joins the French Foreign Legion.

In Italy, Indy's espionage work takes him behind enemy lines where he embarks on an important propaganda assignment that he hopes will bring a swift end to the war. Along the way, he engages in a comic rivalry with Ernest Hemingway over the affections of a beautiful Italian girl. After being wounded in action, Indy is transferred to North Africa where he joins the French Foreign Legion. While trying to uncover the identity of a traitor in his own ranks, Indy battles hostile Berber tribesmen and engages in an innocent flirtation with author Edith Wharton.

DVD release[]

Indy is undercover in the Italian Alps, stirring discontent and desertion among the Austrian ranks. But he's distracted, infatuated by a beautiful girl in town named Giulietta. While Indy's off at the battle-lines, another man starts wooing her with bigger gifts and more grandiose tokens of affection. Distraught, Indy seeks advice from an American ambulance driver, Ernest Hemingway. They form a fast friendship, but it quickly sours when they realize they're competing for the same goal.

Indy's next assignment takes him to North Africa. Serving undercover for the French Foreign Legion, Indy has to discover who is secretly supplying arms to the Berber rebels in Morocco. Those in command suspect a traitorous legionnaire. To facilitate his cover, Indy travels as a companion to American novelist Edith Wharton. The two forge a strong connection through innocent flirtation, one that raises the attention of journalist Lowell Thomas of the U.S. Information Service.




  • Italy
    • Italian Alps
    • Venice
      • Basilica of St Mary of Health
      • Doge's Palace
      • San Giorgio Maggiore
  • Morocco
    • Casablanca (Mentioned only)
    • Fort Comis
    • Hidron
    • Kasbah
    • Ouzoud Falls
  • Paris (Mentioned only)
  • Princeton (Mentioned only)
  • Spain (Mentioned only)
  • Versailles (Mentioned only)


Behind the scenes[]


Assembled from the episode "Northern Italy, June 1918" and footage shot for "Morocco, 1917", the story is presented as having the events of Northern Italy occur prior to Morocco, bridged by a trip to Venice, where Indy continues his recovery from his wounds in the Italian Alps, and then is sent to Morocco. However, the real Edith Wharton traveled to Morocco in 1917 (and later wrote In Morocco) and the real Ernest Hemingway did not arrive in Italy as an ambulance driver until June 1918 (and injured on July 8, 1918) creating an inconsistency with real-world history. The Morocco segment was written as "Morocco, 1918" but the DVD dates Tales of Innocence as 1917, which would be before Ernest Hemingway had joined the Red Cross.

DVD release[]

Tales of Innocence

VHS cover

The film was released on DVD in 2008 as part of the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Volume Three, The Years of Change (Disc 1). The disc also contains four companion historical documentaries.

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