Sankara Stones v Skulls of Touganda

Please excuse errors in procedure as this is first attempt to become involved in Wikia. If this message belongs elsewhere then I would appreciate its being transferred. My comment may be described as either an observation or a query.

Have noticed apparent similarity in plot features and other treatment between Sankara Stones [with which Indy was involved (in Film IJ and Temple of Doom)] and the Skulls of Touganda (with which the Phantom was involved in 1996 film of that name). In both cases the bringing together of relevant artifacts creates a source of power. It seems probable to me that one or other was consciously or otherwise based on the other (or on a third joint source). Someone somewhere has undoubtedly already made this connection and I would appreciate directions to an appropriate explanation.

As a mino spin-off I wonder if Crystal Skull (with which Indy is next to deal) might not also be connected in some similar fashion.

Any advice would be welcomed


Cfj 16:37, 2 March 2008 (UTC) Cfj

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