Tangiers or Tangier is the major city in northern Morocco, on the Atlantic coast near the Strait of Gibraltar. Founded by the ancient Phoenecians, Tangier has been a port for commerce for millennia, and was mostly filled with Berbers. Control of the city was heavily sought after by the European colonial powers, with Portuguese, English, Spanish and French control over the centuries. By the turn of the twentieth century, Morocco's independence was threatened by European powers. In 1905, the Kaiser of Germany came to Tangiers to support Moroccan independence claims against France, prompting an international crisis, but by 1912, Morocco was divided between Spain and France, with Tangiers declared an international zone.

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Indiana Jones visited Tangiers at least once in his life when, in 1908, the Jones family arrived in Tangiers to meet with Henry Jones, Sr.'s friend, Walter Harris. Harris introduced the Joneses to Emily Keene.[1]

In the winter 1930, Jones had followed René Belloq to Marrakesh to recover the Uppsala Scroll before Belloq could sell it. Disguised in the marketplace, Jones haggled with a Marrakesh merchant, and claimed that he could get a better deal in Tangiers.[2]

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