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A Nazi soldier participated during the Reich's effort to find the Holy Grail in 1938. He served under the orders of Colonel Ernst Vogel but after encountering Indiana Jones, the Nazi suffered a tank tread death.

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In 1938, during the Nazi effort to find the Holy Grail, this soldier served under the command of Colonel Ernst Vogel.[1]

Upon the arrival of the Nazis at the Republic of Hatay, the soldier traveled with his comrades towards the Temple of the Sun on one of the trucks. When the archaeologist Indiana Jones appeared on the scene to rescue his father Henry Walton Jones, Senior and Marcus Brody from Vogel, who had taken them hostage inside his tank, the truck soldier along with his companions were called upon by their colonel to help him kill Indiana.[1]

After three of his comrades were felled by a single bullet from Jones, the soldier jumped onto the tank with a knife. However, Jones managed to hit and throw him aside, disarming the Nazi in the process. At that moment, Vogel pulled a chain out of the hatch and tried to garotte Jones. When he recovered, the disarmed soldier attempted to assist his colonel but was struck by a blow that sent him onto the metal tread of the tank. He was pulled in front of the tank and swiftly carried to his death, crushed by the tread.[1]

Behind the scenes Edit

The tank tread death Nazi was played by an uncredited Vic Armstrong in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.[1] The role was a later addition to the story, with the only antagonists present to fight Indiana Jones aboard the tank during writer Jeffrey Boam's drafts of the screenplay being Walter Chandler (Walter Donovan in the final film) and the tank's driver.[2]

In order to shoot the scene in which the Nazi is crushed by the tank's treads, the Mark VII Tank replica was raised so that when Armstrong fell, he landed safely onto an air bag, as seen in the featurette The Stunts of Indiana Jones.[3]

In Rob MacGregor's novelization, multiple Nazis are crushed by the tank.[4] In LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, no soldiers are shot or crushed by the tank, though Indy and Sallah can push them off or knock them out of the vehicle to their deaths if the player so desires.[5] The character is again absent from the sequel.[6]

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