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The Temple of the Staff was a location in Nepal. The central sanctuary of the temple housed the Staff of Kings.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The Temple of the Staff and the name of the location and its architecture varies between each version of the game.

Adventure in the Ice CaveEdit

In the Wii/PS2 version of the game, the inside of the temple is frozen over Ice Cave with an Egyptian influence. Indy made it through several rooms depicting stories from Moses' life, including the Burning bush room and the Nile room. Finally he reached the Staff room, where Jones melted portions of the room using statues and flame vents in order to which caused an elevator below the floor to rise exposing the Staff.

Adventure in the Temple of the StaffEdit

  • In the PSP version, the inside of the temple has a Roman design. The staff is kept in a room of gears, in the central Sanctuary. The gears are similar to those found in a Roman grain mill.

Adventure in the Suya Deshan TempleEdit

  • In the DS version, the temple is Buddhist in style. Indy find the three eyes of the God Head to find the entrance to a cave below the temple where the Staff is kept. Each eye is kept in a different room, the Gong Room, the Gold Llama Room, and the Prayer Wheel Room. Once the three eyes are set in place, the God Head moves revealing a hidden path, which leads to a room with trapped tiles. Past the tiles, a passage leads outside onto a cliff path that leads to Moses' Chamber, a temple carved out of the mountain. Inside near the entrance is a Cypher of Meribah that parts a waterfall at the back of the chamber revealing a statue holding the Staff of Kings. Along the sides of the path are angelic statues similar to the angels on the Ark of the Covenant. Near the cipher are two roman statues kneeling at the box. After Indy takes the staff the room starts to collapse, and he has to escape back accross the room using the angels, as the platforms collapse.


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