Thailand (also previously known as Siam) is a country in southeast Asia, bordered by Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia. Prior to the 1700s, portions of Thailand were controlled by Burmese, Khmer and local kingdoms. Unified into a single kingdom in the 1700s, Thailand was the only southeast Asian country to not become a colonial state of European powers. In the 1930s, Thailand switched from being an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy (which was more a de-facto military dictatorship). In 1939, the country switched the name of the country from Siam to Thailand, though reverted back to its previous name from 1945-1949.

During World War II, Thailand was forced to be an ally of Japan, though the United States of America secretly supported Thai resistance efforts. During the Cold War, Thailand was a key ally of America in the region.

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Indiana Jones visited Thailand at least once, when he tried to reach the Temple of Yearning before Clifford, a college intern who had stolen his notes, could reach the site.

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