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Thailand (also previously known as Siam) is a country in southeast Asia, bordered by Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia. Prior to the 1700s, portions of Thailand were controlled by Burmese, Khmer and local kingdoms. Unified into a single kingdom in the 1700s, Thailand was the only southeast Asian country to not become a colonial state of European powers. In the 1930s, Thailand switched from being an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy (which was more a de-facto military dictatorship). In 1939, the country switched the name of the country from Siam to Thailand, though reverted back to its previous name from 1945-1949.

During World War II, Thailand was forced to be an ally of Japan, though the United States of America secretly supported Thai resistance efforts. During the Cold War, Thailand was a key ally of America in the region.

Adventures in Thailand[]

Indiana Jones visited Thailand at least once, when he tried to reach the Temple of Yearning before Clifford, a college intern who had stolen his notes, could reach the site.[1]

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In Raiders of the Lost Ark (set in 1936), the map showing the flight to Nepal labels Thailand by its current name, despite the fact that it was still called Siam at the time.



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