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The Adventures of Indiana Jones is a role-playing game created by TSR, Inc., allowing players to assume the roles of Indiana Jones and his companions in various adventures. The 64-page rulebook includes instructions on how to play the game, along with an introductory adventure based on Marvel Comics' "The Ikons of Ikammanen". It came packaged with a pair of ten-sided dice and a handful of cardboard extras, including character cutouts, a map, and a gamemaster screen.

Publisher's summary[]

From Brazil to Bangkok, from the Ark of the Covenant to the Temple of Doom, INDIANA JONES and his companions blaze a trail of adventure and mystery! Now you can be a part of the action too! Whether you play the part of Indy or one of his trusted friends, you'll be right in the middle of all the danger and excitement. You could be searching for lost ruins for fabulous treasures, recovering stolen artifacts from foul Nazis, or racing through jungles to escape from hostile natives. You make the choices. Can INDIANA JONES survive? It's up to you!

THE ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONES Game comes with these special features to bring you adventures to life:

  • 3-D figures that you cut out and stand up to show walls, doors, traps, and characters
  • a 64-page rules booklet
  • an 8-page Evidence File, which features adventure clues
  • a World of INDIANA JONES Map
  • a Referee's Screen, which features tables and Adventure Backdrops.





Vehicles and vessels[]



Behind the scenes[]

  • Once TSR lost the license to Indiana Jones, they celebrated by destroying unsold copies of the gamebooks. One was encased in a Perspex pyramid which became the Diana Jones Award.