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With bullwhip in hand, Indiana Jones has unearthed a wealth of ancient treasures. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, the fearless archeologist journeys from Nepal to Cairo to the Mediterranean, dodging poisons, traps, and snakes, battling rivals old and new–all in pursuit of an ancient artifact that holds the key to dazzling, invincible power. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom finds our intrepid hero in a remote village in India, where a mysterious old shaman tells him that his arrival has been foreseen–and that he must retrieve a stolen mystical stone. And finally, Indy must face the most challenging and personal endeavor of his life: rescue his estranged father, the eminent professor Dr. Henry Jones, from a Nazi’s lair, and recover the legendary Holy Grail. Yet Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade doesn’t mean the adventure is over. . . .

Differences from the Films

Raiders of the Lost Ark

  • Indy at one point recalls some of his previous encounters with Belloq, such as at graduate school, when Belloq plagiarized Indy's essay on stratigraphy, and as a result was awarded the Archeological Society Prize. Later, in the summer of 1934 Indy found that Belloq already had excavated a spot in the Rub al Khali Desert of Saudi Arabia, a place which Indy had spent months planning to dig.
  • Dietrich is introduced immediately after Indy and Jock escape from the Hovitos, in Berlin being given his marching orders by an SS officer named Eidel.
  • Belloq, upon being hired by Dietrich, is brought to Adolf Hitler's countryside retreat for an audience with him. They are made to wait, and Belloq expresses annoyance and disdain for Hitler because of this.
  • Although in the film it is a nameless Nazi agent who gets aboard the plane with Indy as he leaves for Nepal, the novel combines this character with Toht.
  • Upon arriving in Nepal, Indy acquires both a car and directions to the Raven bar from a contact named Lin-Su.
  • After Indy leaves the bar, he sits in his car and stews over what he should do, and doesn't notice Toht and he cronies walking past on their way to the Raven.
  • When Indy rescues Marion, Marion remembers how Indy everyday used to practice with his bullwhip. Indy then recalls how he developed his fascination for the bullwhip, seeing a whip-act in a travelling circus when he was seven years old.
  • An added extra scene at Tanis wherein Belloq is overseeing the dig, and Belloq recalls how Toht arrived with the markings of the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra burned into his palm, and how he made a duplicate Headpiece from this by taking a mold of Toht's hand.
  • The first mechanic never appears; instead Indy only fights the wrench-wielding second mechanic who is described as having tattoos, and he meets the first mechanic's fate of being shredded by the Flying Wing's propeller.
  • The truck chase happens differently. Firstly Toht rides in the same car as Gobler, and thus dies when the car flies off of a cliff. Also the Nazi gunner in the back of the car is flipped out when Indy sideswipes Gobler with the truck, and he falls down a cliff. The Nazi sergeant never appears; instead two soldiers try to climb over the top of the truck, but are killed when Indy slams the brakes and sends them flying against the side of a mountain.
  • Following the truck chase, there is an added scene of Belloq and Dietrich at the German consulate in Cairo, where they smoke cigarettes and wonder what they should do, be being given news of the departing Bantu Wind.
  • Indy uses his whip to lash onto the periscope of the Wurrfler, but loses his hat in the water and his whip tied to the periscope.
  • Indy interrupts the Ark-opening ceremony after Belloq has changed into his ceremonial robes. When he is subdued by Captain Mohler, Dietrich attempts to execute him, but Belloq stops him, telling him to tie Indy up and kill him after they open the Ark, so Indy can die knowing he (Belloq) defeated him one final time.
  • Belloq's death is different than the movie. His eyes burn out of his sockets, his skin decays, and he turns to dust. Also the deaths of the Nazis (particularly Dietrich) are not explicitly described.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

  • Willie Scott and Short Round have detailed backstories.
  • The novel describes Indy as having a gray fedora, not a brown one.
  • The scene where Indy tries to shoot the two Thuggees on the mountain is not in the novelization.
  • Many graphic scenes that aren't shown in the film, such as Indy and Shorty being covered by flying human skins, are in the book.
  • Willie escapes the guards that ambush her and Short Round, she makes it back to her room and tells Chattar Lal and Blumburtt about the temple. When Indy — under the sleep of Kali Ma — comes tells them that everything is fine, Blumburtt returns to his room while Lal and Indy capture Willie and take her back to the temple.
  • Chattar Lal dies in the book, while he lives in the movie.
  • While Short Round is digging, a guard gets burned by lava and returns to normal but is dragged away to drink the Blood of Kali again, then Short Round gets the idea of how to save Indy.
  • The Thugge Slave Driver's death is different. In the film Indy beats him up until his sash got caught in the rock crusher, while on the book he tried to grab Indy only but lost his balance and his sash got caught on the rock crusher.
  • Mola Ram has also taken the Blood, and at the end of the book, when Ram burns his hand on the last Sankara Stone, he returns to normal and Indy tries to pull him to saftey but, Ram falls off the bridge

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

  • A longer introduction to the ship scene with Panama Hat. The man explains to Indy that he has a prospective buyer ready to purchase the Cross of Coronado but demands that Jones be killed to eliminate any loose ends. Later on, Indy speculates that the anonymous buyer may have been Walter Donovan, though this is never proven.
  • Jones being approached two other professors (who despite not being identified by name would appear to be the Professor Stanton and Dr. Mulbray alluded to in the credits) and asked to authenticate a fertility idol.
  • A longer scene of Jones being escorted to Walter Donovan's home by his men.
  • When arriving in Venice, Indy and Marcus witness the local militia brutalizing an old man. This prompts them to mull over the current situation in Europe and the rising threat of Fascists and Nazis, foreshadowing the appearance of the latter a few chapters later.
  • After knocking the butler at Castle Brunwald out, Indy and Elsa hide his body in a closet.
  • While leaving the Hitler rally, Indy, in German uniform, is accosted by an SS officer, who he punches.
  • Aboard the zeppelin, Indy and Henry are chased by a Gestapo agent who had boarded with Vogel. The agent and the pilot he drafts into service are killed when they crash their biplane.
  • In order to gain access for their vehicles to the Canyon of the Crescent Moon, Donovan and the Nazis blow up the entrance with explosives while Indy and the others watch.

Other noteworthy differences include:

  • Indy's interrogation of Kazim and his revelation of Henry's whereabouts occurs while the motorboat is being chopped up by the ship's prop, rather than after they have escaped.
  • Instead of pretending to be a Scottish lord named Clarence MacDonald, Indy pretends to be an English lord named Clarence Chumley. Also the butler says if Indy is a lord then he is Jesse Owens, not Mickey Mouse.
  • Indy kills the SS officer in Henry's room along with the guards, instead of just knocking him out.
  • Donovan opts to have Indy and Henry killed before receiving word of Marcus' capture, which occurs later. Also there is no direct cable from Berlin of Hitler ordering him to "eliminate the American conspirators."
  • There are only four Nazi communications officers, vs. the film's five, and all of them are males. The female officer does not appear. In addition, Indy jams the fireplace door with a table leg instead of a bust of Hitler.
  • The motorcycle chase is omitted entirely.
  • The car given to the Hatayan Sultan (individual) is a Daimler-Benz, instead of a Rolls-Royce.
  • Marcus is already in the tank at the outset of the Nazis' journey to the Canyon (yet Donovan's line, "Put Brody in the tank" remains). Also, he actually manages to drink from the canteen. Vogel does not take it from him, and Marcus throws it back at Donovan when he's finished.
  • Indy and the others witness Kazim's death.
  • Sallah joins Indy on horseback but they get separated when Sallah falls off his horse after almost being hit by flying car parts when the tank blows up the Kübelwagen.
  • In addition, the Kübelwagen carries two soldiers vs. the film's one, and is jammed sideways between the tank treads rather than upside-down on the cannon. The other Kübelwagen (described as "a jeep") also joins the two troop carriers, and Indy fights more soldiers on the tank as they board from the extra vehicle as a result. In particular, two soldiers fall on the tank treads and get crushed, instead of just one.
  • The crew of the tank are all Germans, instead of three Germans and two Hatayans. The Hatayan gunner and tank driver do not appear.
  • Indy's escape from the falling tank and Vogel's death are different. Indy and Vogel get tangled in the length of chain Vogel was using to fight with, and Indy has to free himself by taking off his pants. Vogel remains tangled in the chain, and can't get off of the tank as a result.
  • The Grail Knight's warning not to take the Grail past the seal occurs after Henry has been healed, because he follows Indy and Elsa back out into the temple proper. The warning is also directed specifically at Elsa. He also asks Henry and others if they are the ones come to challenge him, if not Indy.
  • The fleeing Nazi soldiers fall into the crack in the temple floor trying to jump over it, whereas in the film they make it and escape.


Raiders of the Lost Ark

Indy is attempting to recover the Ark of the Covenant, alongside with Marion Ravenwood, but on the way they face Nazis, Toht, and the infamous Boulder Dash - it's gonna be tough!

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

He's back and this time he meets Short Round and Willie Scott, though this time he faces such treacheries as a spike chamber, bugs, and Thuggees.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indy teams up with his father, Henry Jones to once and for all destroy the fiendish Nazi Empire. On the way he faces boats, tanks, explosions and a whole world of adventure.

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