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The Adventures of Indiana Jones was a 1982 toy line from Kenner based on Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Although it was presented on the packaging as The Adventures of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Kenner held the rights to the follow-up movie, the company opted out of releasing toys based on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom after reading the screenplay, feeling it was skewed towards an older audience than their target demographic. The rights were returned to Lucasfilm Ltd. and picked up by LJN instead.

In 2023, Hasbro released the Indiana Jones Retro Collection based on and inspired by the Kenner figures which expanded to encompass other movies in the Indiana Jones film series.

Action figures[]


The first Indiana Jones action figure, released in 1982.

  • Exclusive mail away action figure: Belloq in ceremonial robes




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