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"It's the adventures that made the man, and the man who became the legend."


The Complete Adventures of Indiana Jones is the banner name given to the October 1999 VHS release that combined the The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones with the three movies existing at that time. Laserdisc versions were announced but never released.

The collection was intended to have 25 chapters (one on each videotape), numbered in the chronological story order. However, only twelve of the chapters from The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones were released. These missing chapters were later aired on ABC in 2001 and would not see a home release until the DVD box sets which went on sale in the months preceding the theatrical debut of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in May 2008.

Each VHS listed itself as Chapter [X] in the Complete Adventures of Indiana Jones.

As well as being sold individually, Chapters 23-25 were sold in a box set that came bundled with Chapter 18: Treasure of the Peacock's Eye.

This release marked the first time that the three Indiana Jones theatrical films were released on VHS in widescreen format, and with THX remastering. Additionally, the box set versions of the films included new interviews with Harrison Ford, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. The videos of the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones included customized introductions from Lucas, and interviews with Lucas and Sean Patrick Flanery.

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