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The Day of Destiny is a young adult novel authored by Nigel Robinson released in the United Kingdom in 1993. The book adapts The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles script "Verdun, September 1916" written by Johnathan Hensleigh and is one of four Fantail Books-published adaptations of the television series.

Publisher's summary[]

Verdun 1916. Young Indiana Jones enlists as a courier in the Belgian Army. He witnesses at first-hand the many horrors of modern warfare: the bravery and the squalid trenches on the infantry men, the outdated tactics and the rich lifestyle of the officers.

When Indy has to carry orders which will certainly mean many unnecessary deaths, he is faced with a stark choice. Does he disobey an order and face the consequences? Or does he deliver the order and watch his comrades die? For Indy, this is his Day of Destiny.

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