The Diaries of Indiana Jones is an interactive aspect of Lucasfilm Ltd.'s official Indiana Jones Facebook and Twitter social media platforms that ran from July to August 2012. Debuting as part of the build-up to the September release of Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures, the Blu-ray collection of all four theatrical films, The Diaries of Indiana Jones presents those stories as in-universe entries in Indiana Jones' journal.

Beginning with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the entries were released in reverse film order, and are notable for dating the events down to the day:

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Over the next month we are releasing a diary for each of Indiana Jones' adventures, finishing with Raiders! They will be posted in the past on Indiana Jones' timeline (e.g. 1957)!

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The Diaries of Indiana Jones set the events of the prologue sequence from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade on August 5, 1912. However, Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide previously stated that the events took place during the September of that year.

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