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"The Fourth Nail" is a two-part story presented in issues 11 & 12 of Marvel's Further Adventures of Indiana Jones comic book series. Chapter one (subtitled "Blood and Sand!") was published in November 1983 and chapter two ("Swords and Spikes!") followed in December.

Plot summary[]

Issue 11: "The Fourth Nail: Blood and Sand!"[]

Indy is fighting aborigines in Australia, when a mysterious team of Ismailis (elite Arab warriors) comes to his rescue. The Ismailis take Indy to their master, Ben Ali Ayoob, the wealthy collector seeking the so-called Fourth Nail, a gypsy artifact associated with the crucifixion of Christ. After turning down Ayoob's offer, Indy heads to Barcelona in search of the Nail. There, he helps his gypsy friend Torino escape some trouble with the locals. When Indy mentions the Nail, Torino disappears, leaving Indy alone in the stock pen of a bullring, with an angry steer as his only company...

Issue 12: "The Fourth Nail: Swords and Spikes!"[]

Indy flees the bullpen to find Marion Ravenwood waiting for him outside. The pair rescue Torino from Ayoob's henchman. Torino introduces them to Maximilian, the gypsy king, who agrees to take the group to see the Phuri Dai, keeper of the Fourth Nail. Ayoob's thugs follow. When the Arabs come in contact with the Nail, however, they suffer mysterious wounds to the chest and are killed instantly. Indy and Marion agree to leave the Nail with gypsies.





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