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The Golden Goddess is an RPG Solo Adventure pack released in 1985 by TSR, Inc. as part of the company's Adventures of Indiana Jones role-playing game series.

Based on Marvel Comics' The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones two-part issue arc "The Gold Goddess", the set includes a map, character figures and an aircraft.

To be read, most of the issue requires the use of a "Magic Viewer" to separate the hidden text from the red background.

Publisher's summary[]

The darkness is almost complete around Indiana Jones. Almost. Robed shadows lurk menacingly . . . and the have the Idol, the Golden Goddess! Saad Hassim, owner of the biggest antiquities shop in Marrakesh, sure is getting lots of business tonight! Indiana Jones, never slow to regain his own, springs into action!

How? From Marrakesh rooftops to New York City skyscrapers, Indy tries desperately to capture the Idol lost so long ago to that villain Belloq. He does it under your direction alone. Your skill in surmounting the dangers, your ability to survive the rigors of the chase, will determine if Dr. Jones comes away with the Idol...or not at all.

THE GOLDEN GODDESS Adventure Game can be played as a solo adventure with you as Indiana Jones against the mysterious forces arrayed his quest for the Idol, or modified by a referee to be run as a group adventure.

This adventure is for use with THE ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONES role-playing game from TSR, Inc. and cannot be played without that game.