The Greatest Adventures of Indiana Jones is a large hardcover scrapbook written by Helen Otway and published in the United Kingdom in 1 Oct 2008. It details the events of the four Indiana Jones feature films from the perspective of René Belloq and his unnamed son.

The book collects many removable and fold-out material, including:

  • a short comic book drawn by Indy himself, "Young Indiana Jones and the Cross of Coronado"
  • the Nazi telegram mentioning Abner Ravenwood, as intercepted by American intelligence
  • an invitation to Indy and Marion's wedding on October 18, 1957

Publisher's summary

For the first time, Indiana Jones' greatest adventures are revealed, as documented by his arch-rival, René Belloq and his son. Read the diaries of the embittered archaeologists as they follow Dr. Jones across the world on his search for some of history's most powerful lost artifacts—The Ark of the Covenant, the Sankara Stones, the Holy Grail and the fabled Crystal Skull.

Far flung locations, loyal sidekicks and terrifying enemies are all featured in this detailed account of Indiana's journeys.

Read the diaries, follow the journey, live the adventure...

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