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"The Ikons of Ikammanen" is the two-issue story that begins Marvel's Further Adventures of Indiana Jones comic book series. Issue one was published in January 1983, and although technically untitled, generally goes by the name of the last of its four chapters:

  1. untitled
  2. "Interested Parties"
  3. "Dealing in the Dark"
  4. "The Ikons of Ikammanen"

This is also the name that The Adventures of Indiana Jones used for its role-playing game adaptation.

Issue two (titled "22-Karat Doom!") followed in February.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

When one of his former students, Charlie Dunne, is murdered in front of him, Indiana Jones travels to Liberia to follow up on the claims that Dunne and his sister had found the legendary Ikons of Ikammanen.

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