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The Indiana Jones Handbook is a guidebook to assist people in tackling adventure the Indiana Jones way released in 2008 to coincide with the theatrical debut of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Publisher's summary[]

For every fan who's dreamed of cracking a bullwhip, rescuing lost treasures, and evading giant runaway boulders, The Indiana Jones Handbook features essential information for would-be adventurers of all ages. Complete with helpful diagrams, step-by-step instructions, and full-color photography, this thrilling guide shows readers:

  • How to identify booby traps
  • How to fend off a gang of swordsmen
  • How to ride an elephant
  • How to decipher heiroglyphs and lost languages
  • How to escape the wrath of God

...and dozens of other crucial skills for any archaeologist-in-training.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Expedition Essentials
    • How to Plan an Expedition
    • How to Pack for an Expedition
    • How to Use Your Bullwhip
    • How to Survive If You Are Poisoned
  • Chapter 2: Getting Around
    • How to Run on Top of a Moving Train
    • How to Cross a Rope Bridge
    • How to Outdrive the Enemy
    • How to Pass Under a Moving Truck
    • How to Fly a Plane
    • How to Escape Quicksand
    • How to Survive for Several Days Clinging to a Submarine's Periscope
  • Chapter 3: People Skills
    • How to Blend In
    • How to Handle Awkward Foods
    • How to Win a Fistfight
    • How to Fend Off a Gang of Swordsmen
    • How to Break Free If You Are Tied Up
  • Chapter 4: The Animal Kingdom
    • How to Mount and Ride a Horse
    • How to Mount and Ride an Elephant
    • How to Handle Tarantulas
    • How to Handle Poisonous Snakes
    • How to Deal with Rats
  • Chapter 5: On-Site Skills
    • How to Locate a Lost Archaeological Site
    • How to Excavate a Site
    • How to Identify Secret Passageways and Booby Traps
    • How to Decipher Heiroglyphs and Lost Languages
    • How to Escape If You Are Accidentally Entombed
    • How to Copy Ancient Writings
  • Chapter 6: Supernatural Skills
    • How to Break a Zombie Curse
    • How to Deal with Voodoo Dolls
    • How to Survive a Nuclear Blast
    • How to Escape the Wrath of God