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The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles 8: The Irish Rebellion is the eighth and final volume of Bantam Books' Choose Your Own Adventure series based on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Written by Richard Brightfield with illustrations by Frank Bolle, and published in 1993, the gamebook adapts the episode "Ireland, April 1916" (Love's Sweet Song).

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

Meet the playwright Sean O'Casey
at the famour Abbey Theatre...
Walk the streets of Dublin
with the writer James Joyce...
Become friends with the future
prime minister of Ireland...
Witness the struggle for
Irish Independence...and learn a lesson from the plight of the Irish
people of the time...

These are only some of the adventures you will have as young Indiana Jones.

The year is 1916, and you and your friend Remy are in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. There you look for a job to raise money for your travels, and you witness the struggle for Irish Independence. In the process, you get to meet many towering figures of Irish history, sauch as the wristers James Joyce and Sean O'Casey, and the poet William Butler Yeats.

Will you take a job as a British agent? Or will you become friends with members of the Irish underground? Only you, as Indiana Jones, can choose your own adventure.

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