The Jungle Chase is the background music heard in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull during the Jungle Chase through Brazil, and was composed by John Williams. The cue begins as Mutt Williams passes Indiana Jones his concealed switchblade while they are held captive with Marion Ravenwood in a Soviet truck, just after they knock the guard unconscious. The piece ends when the vehicle Indy's party later commandeered crashes in the jungle.

The music contains an extensive usage of various characters' themes, including those for Indiana Jones (The Raiders March), Marion (Marion's Theme), Mutt (The Adventures of Mutt), Irina Spalko (Irina's Theme), and the Soviets. The piece takes a loud and bombastic approach, moves quickly, contains several surprise starts, and utilizes a great deal of brass and strings.

The track contains the most complete representation of Mutt's theme (besides that in the ending credits), heard when Mutt engages Irina in a duel atop the speeding army vehicles.

Although the full version plays for about ten minutes in the film, only 4:23 of the music is included on the soundtrack album.

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