The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Book One, The Mata Hari Affair is the first and only entry in Ballantine's planned series of novels based on the The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles television series. Released in 1992, it was adapted by James Luceno from the episodes "Verdun, September 1916" and "Paris, October 1916".

Publisher's summaryEdit

Ever in pursuit of knowledge, Indiana Jones made his mark through his daring and dangerous quests. But before Indy became an adult, he was a youth whose early escapades were every bit as intriguing as his later, legendary exploits. Revealed for the first time, here are the chronicles of Young Indiana Jones, a hero at any age....


During World War I, the beautiful temptress Mata Hari was a dancer whose revealing costumes shocked all of Paris. When Indy met her on leave from his perilous frontline duties as a battlefield messenger, their attraction was instant. But Indy was to discover that Mata Hari hid a far darker self. This extraordinary woman was very possibly a German spy on a heartless mission to win the war for her country, at whatever cost to the Allies. Caught between passion and honor, young Indy would be forced to choose sides in a battle he could easily lose....

Behind the scenesEdit

The novel implies that Indiana Jones learned the Quechua language from his father. However, in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Indiana says he learned Quechua from Pancho Villa's men.