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This article is about the Last Crusade motorcycle chase. You may be looking for the LEGO set.

The Motorcycle Chase took place in 1938 as Indiana Jones and his father fled Castle Brunwald.


In 1938, Indiana Jones and his father escaped from the Nazi held Castle Brunwald in Austria via the castle's garage. They found a motorbike with a sidecar which they rode down a road on the border of Austria and neighboring Germany. They encountered more Nazis on the road but caused most of the officers to either fall from their vehicles, or alternatively cause their rides to blow up. Before they came to a barrier on the direct border, they encountered a final Nazi, who they knocked of his motorbike with a flagpole being stuck into the wheel. The motorbike then exploded.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Motorcycle Chase is also a level in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, extending much of the events in the 1938 scene. In the video game, the Joneses encounter many more Nazis on bikes, and at the end have to face bazooka troopers and large controlled guns shooting at them.[2]



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