The Quest of the Holy Grail (Queste del Saint Graal in Old French) was a piece of medieval literature that related the tale of the search of the Holy Grail by Sir Galahad and other romantic tales of the Arthurian court. Originally recorded in Old French in the early thirteenth century, it incorporated Christian themes and the quest for the Holy Grail to the Arthurian tradition.

It was a work with which Grail scholar Henry Walton Jones, Sr. was familiar. In 1945, Jones quoted a line from the work, as a fitting eulogy over Seigfried Dieterhoffmann, who had died in joyful rapture after seeing the Spear of Longinus:

"...for his soul had already fled its house of flesh, and was borne to heaven by angels making jubilation and blessing the name of our Lord.

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An English translation of the work was published in 1969, edited by Pauline Maud Matarasso.

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