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The River of Death is a young adult novel authored by Nigel Robinson released in the United Kingdom in 1993. The book adapts the scripts "German East Africa, December 1916" and "Congo, January 1917" (and by extension Oganga, The Giver and Taker of Life) of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles written by Frank Darabont and is one of four Fantail Books-published adaptations of the television series.

Publisher's summary[]

East Africa, 1916. Young Indiana Jones transfers from the front at Verdun to fight with the Belgians in Africa. The Great War has spread, bringing with it the chaos and fear that rack Europe. But the German army has the upper hand and the Belgians desperatly need new artillery to stave off defeat.

So Indy is despatched on a dangerous journey to obtain new supplies. He treks across arid plains, hacks through dense jungles and sails down disease-ridden rivers. For Indiana, however, this mission of war takes on a new meaning whe he meets a man of peace.

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