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The Rule of Russia is a young adult novel authored by Nigel Robinson released in the United Kingdom in 1993. The book adapts the Gavin Scott-penned "Petrograd, July 1917" script of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and is one of four Fantail Books-published adaptations of the television series.

Publisher's summary[]

Russia 1917. It's summer and revolution is in the air. After years of tyrannical rule, the Tsar has been overthrown. But who will control the chaos now the old order is gone? Young Indiana Jones is sent to Petrograd to find out.

As an 'adviser' to the French Embassy, it is Indy's duty to keep his commanders informed of all Bolshevik activities. However, as a good companion of leading communists, Sergei and Irena, Indy's friendship should prevail — but will it, when put to the test?