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"The Sea Butchers" is a two-part story presented in issues 15 & 16 of Marvel's Further Adventures of Indiana Jones comic book series. Part one (subtitled "Island of Peril!") was published in March 1984 and part two ("Death on Dark Waters") followed in April.

Plot summary[]

Issue 15: "The Sea Butchers: Island of Peril!"[]

Through aerial photography, Indiana Jones discovers evidence of a lost Chinese temple in the Aleutian Islands. He meets up Simon Katanga in Panama City and arranges passage to the islands on Katanga's ship, the Bantu Wind. A band of pirates, led by Emerelda Vasquez, follows in a stolen American military submarine. At the temple, the pirates steal the priceless Chinese treasure along with the Bantu Wind, leaving Jones and Katanga for dead.

Issue 16: "The Sea Butchers: Death on Dark Waters!"[]

Indy and Katanga escape from the island, hijack the pirate submarine, and pursue Vasquez out to sea. In the ensuing battle, Vasquez trades places with Jones and Katanga, taking control of the sub just as a Japanese warship enters the fray. The Japanese target the submarine—sending Vasquez to a watery grave—and Jones and Katanga return to the States on the Bantu Wind with the temple treasure in the ship's hold.





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