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The World of Indiana Jones is a role-playing game written by Brian Sean Perry and published by West End Games (WEG). The game was originally intended to be played using WEG's MasterBook rules, but would later be adapted (with the release of Indiana Jones Adventures) to the alternate D6 System rules.

It differed from the earlier Indiana Jones role-playing game from TSR, Inc., The Adventures of Indiana Jones, in that it discouraged gamers from playing as Indy himself, instead advocating the creation of original adventurers. As a consequence, follow-on titles (such as Indiana Jones Magic & Mysticism: The Dark Continent) contain some of the only licensed Indiana Jones stories in which the title character is completely absent.

The book was packaged as part of a kit, along with the MasterBook rule book, two ten-sided dice, and a special deck of cards called the MasterDeck.

Publisher's summary[]

If adventure has a name, it must be Indiana Jones.

Now you can travel to exotic lands, challenge ancient mysteries and brave dangers beyond imagining. Plunge into a world of treacherous spies, thrilling chases, arcane artifacts and non-stop excitement with the greatest hero of them all!

The World of Indiana Jones gives you everything you need to begin your adventuring career. Learn how to create a character, and the allies and enemies he's likely to encounter in his travels. Then get ready for the ride of your life with an Indy mini-adventure!


  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Character Creation
  • Chapter Two: Equipment
  • Chapter Three: Special Rules
  • Chapter Four: Designing and Running Adventures
  • Chapter Five: Allies, Enemies ... and Asps
  • Chapter Six: An Era of Adventure
  • Mini-Adventure: The Jewel of the Ancients
  • Appendix A: Indiana Jones Timetable
  • Appendix B: Timetable of Technology
  • Appendix C: Timetable of History
  • Character Profiles
  • Character Sheet
  • Equipment Chart
  • Continental Maps




Behind the scenes[]

The book cover image is a photograph from Raiders of the Lost Ark provided by Lucasfilm Ltd. but the film's poster artist Richard Amsel is credited for "Cover Illustration". Amsel's work would later be used for the Raiders of the Lost Ark Sourcebook.

The World of Indiana Jones was part of a series of World of titles with otherwise unrelated franchises, such as The World of Species, The World of Tales from the Crypt and The World of Tank Girl, that used West End Games' commercially unsuccessful MasterBook game system.

In the late 1990s, Raiders of the Lost Ark Sourcebook author Peter Schweighofer proposed to the then-owner of West End Games to make a complete D6 System re-release of The World of Indiana Jones similar to the company's revised and expanded Star Wars roleplaying game. However, a re-release of The World of Indiana Jones never came to be.[1]


The World of Indiana Jones contains one of the first comprehensive — at the time of its 1994 publication — timelines of Indiana Jones's life, weaving together events from The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, the first three feature films, the Dark Horse comics (including the events from the unpublished Indiana Jones and the Lost Horizon[2], and Indiana Jones: The Dance of Death[3]), and many of the American and German novels. Notably, it doesn't appear to include any stories published prior to 1990 outside of the original trilogy of movies such as The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones comic series, Find Your Fate gamebooks or the video games Indiana Jones in the Lost Kingdom and Indiana Jones in Revenge of the Ancients.

However, it is not without its contradictions. For example, the book places the "Paris, September 1908" episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles in July 1908 despite being broadcast a year before the book's release.

Stories and events as ordered by The World of Indiana Jones:

On page 85, Germans are mispelled as "Gerrmans" at one point and Adolf Hitler is mentioned to have committed suicide in May 1945 when in other sources his death date is pointed out as a month earlier like in real life.[4]

Notes and references[]

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